Our Purpose

We take everyday experiences and lifestyles and make them come alive; make them vibrant and inspiring; designed for pleasure and inspired by life. Each comes with its own personality, presence and experience, stemming from Inspired Living.

Inspiring Moments with Cinnamon.
Our brand purpose is to create inspiring moments at every brand touch point.
Brand Vision
To be the largest and most profitable Asian-origin hotel chain.
Brand Mission
Our mission is set against five pillars:
  • We stay relevant to our customers by offering Inspiring Moments.
  • We empower our employees by offering Transformational Experiences.
  • We support the community and environment through our Responsible Citizenship.
  • We enhance the value we offer our investors with Exceptional Growth and Returns.
  • We enhance our operation by being Better, Faster & Cheaper.
The Essence of Cinnamon
All aspects of Cinnamon, drive back to the core brand promise which is creating ‘Inspiring Moments’ and being an enabler of enriching experiences at every guest touch point. Our core values and how we operate are all guided by this promise in all areas including ensuring customer satisfaction, employee engagement, financial effectiveness, operational efficiency and of course community upliftment.
Core Values
I will
  • get it right the first time, every time
  • care
  • be green
  • stand out wherever I am
  • empower
Core Values
The Way We Work
  • We deliver with accuracy and speed.
  • We embrace change to adapt to external conditions.
  • We are flexible and agile.
  • We collaborate and co-operate to deliver results.
The Way We Behave
  • We are people-centric in our approach.
  • We build a culture of trust
  • We respect colleagues as partners.
  • We are proud citizens of Cinnamon and contribute to its success.
  • We are professional, honest and sincere.